Selectra MACH5

Make Work Flow

At last, a fully integrated end-to-end walkaway solution,
which is going to make our lives significantly easier.”— Ms. G. Prodetti – Routine Lab Manager
VitalScientific Selectra MACH5

Selectra Mach5 An innovative benchtop solution to make your work flow, now and in the future.

VitalScientific is proud to introduce the next level of benchtop chemistry systems. As the newest addition to the Selectra family, Selectra Mach5 combines the robustness and reliability of the Selectra brand with new features aimed to improve efficiency and productivity in routine clinical chemistry laboratories.

Selectra Mach5 uniquely blends a modern, aesthetic design with the practicality of a minimal footprint by being a complete system in one instrument. Sample analysis, result processing and water and waste management all within one system.

A comprehensive dedicated, 2D-barcoded line of reagents, controls & calibrators ensures the accuracy required to help physicians to provide the best patient outcomes.

Selectra Mach5 further adds value with a favourable Benchtop System Workflow (BSW)-Index, a different way of assessing benchtop system efficiency, tailored to your specific laboratory settings.



Selectra Mach5 unlike many other systems, has everything included in the system, minimizing footprint and optimizing the human-system interventions.

  • Maximum efficiency through consolidation of routine and special testing with broad reagent capacity and validated, barcoded reagents
  • The accuracy required to help clinicians provide the best patient outcomes
  • Economical benchtop solution with intuitive user interface and accessible sample area with primary tube sampling

For more information, please download the instrument brochure and/or specification list.